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Ruptronic Technology
Green Technology
One of the major categories of green technology, and one that interests most people because it has a direct impact on their daily lives, is green electronics. Inverters, Stabilizer, and c v t, televisions, and various gadgets and devices are only some of the electronics indispensable for the average person. Electronic devices are not only important for prosperous countries but for developing nations as well. The widespread use of electronics all around the globe makes green electronics a issue of critical importance.
Automatic Transformers
Acked by our cutting edge technology, we offer Automatic Transformers to our clients.  They function on the principle of resonance and having an immediate input voltage correction and offers high consistency. Depending upon the specific requirement of our clients, we also offer customization services to our clients at reasonable prices.
Ic controlled circulation used in all products.
I.C. controlled-Circulation Rotor Electronic: An account of the basic Electronices of circulation control by blowing and its possible applications to the stopped rotor electronic.This is currently used in naval electronic where blown flaps have reduced the take-off and landing speeds. Experimental electronic have flown with higher lift coefficients on the wings than has been using blown flaps. One such electronic is the An automatic technlogy.